Degree study whilst continuing to work


A recent study commissioned by ELRAH, exploring the demand for degrees designed for delivery in the workplace has identified increasing demand from employers across a range of professions for more degree level provision that is designed and delivered collaboratively.

ELRAH currently has a strand of activity that is looking at how we can develop degrees that could be delivered in the workplace on a part-time basis and would enable people holding, for example, SVQs and MAs to use them to articulate to degree study whilst continuing to work.

With spending cuts in the public sector and tightening of purse strings in the private sector likely to continue, this is an initiative which advantageously can add efficiency to the education system whilst opening up avenues of learning to a much broader sector of the community and delivering tangible benefits to employers and employees alike.

   Learning at Degree level in the workplace - summarises some of the findings of the ELRAH-commissioned study of 2009/10.
  Work-based learning - An Introduction:  outlines the work-based learning models and introduces the framework of work-based learning, including how work based learning is assessed and supported in the work place. 


Current Project:  Work-Based Degrees

For documentation on this project, see the links below:

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